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Review of the university activities in the second week of February

Welcome! I am Oksana Azhniuk. Here are the headlines of last week (9–13.02.2015):

  • Uzhhorod National University signed an agreement on cooperation with Transcarpathian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • the renovated sport hall was opened in the sport centre of Uzhhorod National University;
  • the book written by a professor of our university won the highest award in the Ukrainian rating The Book of the year – 2014.

On the 11th of February Professor Volodymyr Smolanka, the Rector of Uzhhorod National University, and Otto Kovchar, the President of Transcarpathian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, signed an agreement on cooperation. The mutually beneficial cooperation will be aimed to promote social, economic, cultural, scientific and technological development of Transcarpathia.

According to the agreement, Uzhhorod National University will arrange laboratory testing of food and consumer goods, our students will perform practice at Transcarpathian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The agreement will enable to submit joint project proposals for participation in grant competitions. The two organizations will share information about possible partnership for cooperation. More details can be found on the university Mediacentre website.

This week a renovated sport hall was officially opened in the university sport centre Burevisnyk. The festive atmosphere of the show was formed by cheerleaders, the students of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications. A video was shown to demonstrate how the sport hall was reconstructed. Professor Volodymyr Smolanka, the Rector of Uzhhorod National University, greeted the students and teachers with this event.

Professor Volodymyr Smolanka:

We looked forward to the moment when we would be able to open this sport hall. It will give start to a new scope of sport competitions which can now be held in our university. In future we plan to organize international sport competitions as well. For this purpose we put here seats for spectators, and this will comply with all requirements in order to arrange international sport events.

Every detail in the hall was renovated. The windows, the walls, the roof and the floor were replaced. A new heating system was also installed. Professor Olena Dulo, the Dean of the Faculty of Healthcare, is commenting:

The reconstruction started in February 2013. I am completely satisfied how this project, which had begun 2 years ago, was accomplished. We found sponsors who helped us with funding. I am grateful to the sponsors, to the people who had been playing in this hall and helped us to make this hall look like it is now.

After the opening the first official competition in the new hall took place. It was a volleyball game between the Academic Star university teacher veterans' team and the team of the university students.

The regional competition of school students of Transcarpathia in information technology took place in Uzhhorod National University. It attracted a great interest of young people who showed their abilities to solve different complicated problems. In total, 60 students from almost all districts participated in the competition.

A book written by professor Serhiy Fedaka from the Faculty of History of our university won the highest award in the Ukrainian rating The Book of the year -- 2014. The book entitled "The history of Ukraine from ancient time till 1648" was rated first in the Skylines nomination for specialized and handbook literature, leaving another 913 books behind. The author himself says that this victory was a complete sensation for him.  

Professor Serhiy Fedaka:

It happened so that serious experts, mostly professors, academicians, specialists, practitioners who can make a qualified assessment, rated my book the first rank in this nomination. I have been teaching at the Faculty of History for a quarter of century, and it was the whole this period that all this stuff was being collected, being accumulated, stored in my head, then on a paper. Actually, I have been working at this book for a quarter of a century.

The Uzhhorod-UzhNU basketball team made a good start in the second round of the championship of Ukraine in the western group of the first league (men). In Chernivtsi they played two games against local Chernivtsi-Bukovyna club. The two games were tough and exciting and both ended in favour of the visitors – 70:58 and 95:92.

That were main events of last week. This was Oksana Azhniuk, Mediacenter. Have a nice day!

The program has been prepared by

Oksana Azhniuk, Iryna Levina, Yuriy Azhniuk

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